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Suvalkijos Dvaras Marijampolėje

Experience in celebrations

we have professional experience organizate the celebrations

We specialize in outsourcing: organizing weddings, personal holidays, conferences. In providing services, we pay special attention to their quality. We stand out to offer quality services in a private area surrounded by forests, without any outsiders. Our neighborhood is forests, meadows, beasts and single villages. We will make sure that everything goes smoothly and that all your expectations are met.

• Banquets can accommodate up to 120 people.
• Up to 70 people can stay in the mansion
• A wedding ceremony can be organized in an area of ​​your choice or inside a building
• The food menu is combined in advance with each customer individually
• If you wish to stay in the Suvalkija estate for longer, we offer entertainment in the sauna or use the tennis court.
• For holidays, on working days or for larger groups than 50 people, we will apply a discount.


Food is prepared locally in our kitchen. Conferences and festivals menus are combined in advance. Contact us to discuss your needs and match your holiday menu.

The restaurant is not open during events.

  • weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Family

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Marijampolė, Lietuva

Marijampolė, Lithuania

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Suvalkijos dvaras

Laukų street 17, Trakiškių village, region of Marijampolė, LT-69315, Lithuania
+3706 70 71833
Skype: suvalkijosdvaras

While respecting the privacy of our customers, we inform you that the villa is not open to visitors every day. For those wishing to visit the villa, please call in advance to arrange a visit.