Suvalkijos Dvaras

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Suvalkijos Dvaras Marijampolėje


relaxation in the village

The Suvalkija Manor was established in a wonderful natural haven. You will find peace, hills, meadows and a mature pine forest around you. During the summer season, we offer refreshment in the pond in the area, and throughout the year we offer a stroll through the specially designed beautiful forest paths surrounding the entire homestead. Even in the yard you can find a roe deer, squirrel or hare.

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Marijampolė, Lietuva

Marijampolė, Lithuania

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Suvalkijos dvaras

Laukų street 17, Trakiškių village, region of Marijampolė, LT-69315, Lithuania
+3706 70 71833
Skype: suvalkijosdvaras

While respecting the privacy of our customers, we inform you that the villa is not open to visitors every day. For those wishing to visit the villa, please call in advance to arrange a visit.