“Suvalkijos dvaras” offers the largest party hall in the entire circuit of Marijampole. The hall can host up to 130 people. It is a perfect place for wedding parties, anniversaries and other orderable events.
“Suvalkijos dvaras” offers homely environment and a really spacious party hall for Your special occasions. Up to 130 people can celebrate here at a time. We offer delicious food, kind service and an amazingly private environment in the 11 hectare territory, where You will find additional entertainment as well.
Various table and chair layouts are possible. There is a stage for musicians and a dancehall in the large hall.


We offer a conference hall for up to 100 people for conferences, seminars and business meetings. We offer full service, coffee breaks, business lunches and banquets. We will take care to make everything right to meet Your expectations.





70 people can have their lodgement in the homestead building and another 20 can sleep in the bath building.





We provide catering and service staff services for Your celebrations. Perhaps You wish to have an outdoor party or listen to a live concert of Your favourite band? In case You wish so, we can serve food in a spacious outdoor summerhouse hosting up to 100 people, a bath building or homestead terraces. Business lunches, party buffets and other events are organized in the spacious party halls.
Ordered party, lunch and party buffet menus must be agreed beforehand.



The spacious outdoor summerhouse with hearth, where up to 100 people can find shelter from rain is a perfect place for Your celebration of live music event. Perhaps You are looking for a place for a sending-off wedding ceremony? An amazing landscape of Suvalkija plains opens here, since the summerhouse is built on a high hill so untypical to Suvalkija. If You wish so, we can offer catering services (menu has to be agreed beforehand).
The spacious outdoor summerhouse can be rented separately.



The bath building with the hall hosting up to 25 people and lodgements for up to 20 people is slightly away from the main homestead building and thus it is good for small celebrations or simple gatherings to have a rest extending. There is a hot water tub, small summerhouse and a fireplace in the bath territory. There is also a pond to refresh Your body in a warm season. We offer catering services in a selected place of the homestead territory.

Children playgrounds
Children playgrounds and swings in the homestead territory allow the little guests to have a good time as well.





Any service is provided on the basis of beforehand order. For more information please write us an e-mail to: or call +370-670-71833.